Mango (Mangifera indica) is the leading fruit crop of India and considered to be the king of fruits. Besides delicious taste, excellent flavor and attractive fragrance, it is rich in vitamin A & C. Mango occupies 22% of the total fruit production in India. Mango orchards in India are spread over approximately 2,471,000 acres (1,000,000 ha) of land. India occupies 54% of the world's production of mango which is nearly 9.5 m. Mango fruit is utilized at all stages of its development both in its immature and mature state. Raw fruits are used for making chutney, pickles and juices. The ripe fruits besides being used for desert are also utilized for preparing several products like squashes, syrups, nectars, jams and jellies.

Types of Mangos & Availability

Alphonso (Happus)

Alphonso Mango is known as the King of fruits in India. It is grown mainly in the states of Gujarat & Maharashtra. The fruit is medium in size, ovate - oblique in shape, orange yellow in colour; juice is moderate-abundant; excellent keeping quality, good for pulping and canning; mainly exported as fresh fruit to other countries; flesh develops spongy tissue. This variety is available in the months of February, March & April.


This is the main variety of the state of Gujarat. The fruit is medium oblong with a red blush on the shoulders; good keeping quality; ideal for pulping and juice concentrates. This variety is available in the months of May & June.

Banganapalli (Baneshan, Safeda)

The fruit is large sized. It is grown in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This variety is suited for dry areas. It is obliquely oval in shape, golden yellow in colour; good keeping quality; good for canning; biennial in habit This variety is available in the months of April & May.


This variety is grown in the Northern part of India in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. It is one of the best varieties of the country; fruit size is small - medium, shape is elongated with yellow fruit colour, flesh is fibreless; good keeping quality; mainly used for table purpose.This variety is available in the months of June, July & August.


It is the most popular late season variety. The fruit is medium oblong and has a golden yellow colour with a red blush. This variety is also grown in Northern parts of India and is available in July & August.

    Maturity Stages of the fruit.

  • The shoulders are in the line with the stem-end and the colour of the fruit is olive green.
  • The shoulders outgrow the stem-end and the colour is olive green.
  • The shoulders outgrow the stem-end and the colour becomes light.
  • The flesh becomes soft and blush develops.
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